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New Year! Keep your Sparkles, Sparklin'

Hurry before it's too late. . .

Just like your car, your jewelry needs to be maintained. At least once a year you should inspect your pieces for broken or rough areas, fraying stringing material, stretched out beaded pieces, etc... Notice something unusual? Stop by your favorite local jeweler and have your piece(s) inspected, any repairs should be done before wearing your piece again. Nothing is worse than a piece that breaks, a stone that falls out or a rough prong or break that catches on a favorite garment.

Have a Fishgirl piece that needs attention?

for steps to return your piece or pieces and we'll do the necessary repair and cleaning and then return it to you. Your piece will sparkle and shine again! That's the beauty of fine jewelry, a little maintenance and a polish and clean will bring your favorite pieces back to life!

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