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The Sterling Silver Secret!

What do you do to keep your Fishgirl Designs jewelry clean? Simple, WEAR IT! Sterling silver really is easy to keep shiny and free from tarnishing, the best way to keep it looking great is to wear it! The constant contact with your skin and your skin's natural oils will delay the tarnishing process on your sterling silver pieces. When you do remove your pieces, leave a polishing cloth nearby and give them a quick wipe before storing your jewelry.

When you're not wearing your pieces, store them in small zip lock baggies and push out as much air as possible, this will slow down any tarnishing from air exposure.

If your Fishgirl pieces do show signs of tarnishing, the best way to clean them is to invest in a quality jewelry cleaner, meant exclusively for sterling silver. A quick dip and a good rinse in warm water, followed by drying with a soft cloth, will bring the metal back to life. Finish off with wiping the surface with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Take care if your pieces are paired with natural gemstones, pearls or any soft gemstones. DO NOT expose the stones to the cleaner. Clean away from stones and use a cotton swab dipped in cleaner to get to nearby areas. Rinse the entire piece in water, dry and polish.

NEVER use any abrasive cleaners on Fishgirl sterling silver jewelry. Abrasive cleaners, such as toothpaste will scratch the surface and dull your pieces.

If your Fishgirl jewelry has become scratched or dull, contact us for instructions on taking advantage of our polishing services. We will professionally polish and clean your piece(s) for a small fee.

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