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Squid Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Chasing the pearl, A beautifully detailed sterling silver squid has found a beautiful freshwater pearl at the end of this stunning sterling silver cuff. A unique wrap around the wrist style thats comfortable and adjusts to fit most wrist sizes. A true ocean beauty and aunique addition to any nautical jewelry collection.

Squid Pearl Cuff Bracelet

    Pink Bubbles

    Care & Cleaning

    Our sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned with a soft sterling silver polishing cloth or hand dipped in sterling silver(not Gold) jewelry cleaner, after a thorough rinse in clean water and gently dried with a soft towel your piece will sparkle and shine!

    If your piece is beaded or accented with any gemstone(s), we recommend using diluted dish soap, rinse and dry as normal on any bead or stone and avoiding contact with sterling silver cleaner/dip. Use a cotton swap to clean around stones and beads or just hold them away from cleaner when cleaning silver portion.

    Although our pieces are meant for daily wear, we do not recommend sleeping in our pieces and please avoid contact with pools and spas that are treated with chemicals. Avoid all harsh cleaning products, not meant for Sterling Silver care.

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